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Sydney Sogol

Vulture Guinea Fowl - Black Reflective Classic Scarf

Vulture Guinea Fowl - Black Reflective Classic Scarf

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Handwoven, limited-edition scarves feel silky soft against your skin. Made from tencel, one of the world’s most eco-friendly and sustainable fibers, we make staying warm smart and chic.

This collection has REFLECTIVE YARN in it! The yarn is made of glass beads and shines when hit with light and makes these scarves night safe! Check out their reflective shine in the photos!

Keep it classy. Our classic scarves offer a timeless look that can carry you through everyday. Because you’ve got enough to think about.

What’s your classic?

This scarf’s color and pattern are inspired by the plumage of the VULTURE Guinea Fowl.

Dimensions: 13” X 73”

97% tencel

3% 3m glass bead reflective yarn

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