A little more info about Tencel or Lyocell:
TENCEL® is a sustainably produced fabric and yarn that was born out of a desire to minimize environmental impact in textile production. It is created from wood pulp farmed on sustainably managed tree plantations; most commonly Eucalyptus trees which grow quickly without irrigation or chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Eucalyptus are also unique in that they can be grown on marginal land that isn’t ideal for farming, meaning they don’t compete for space or resources with food crops. TENCEL® is produced through a closed loop system, where virtually all the chemicals are captured and reused, rather than emitted into the environment as pollutants. The resulting fabric is soft, light and wrinkle resistant not to mention hypoallergenic and entirely biodegradable.

​All items have been washed and pre-shrunk. Lyocell is a shrink resistant fiber that can shrink up to 3-5% during the first wash. 

Wash your lyocell items in cold  water on DELICATE setting.  I recommend putting the piece in a delicates or mesh laundry bag.  Wash with like colors. Make sure your washer is not super full to avoid unnecessary agitation of the fabric.
You can hand wash your piece as well in cool water and a mild soap. Do not wring the fabric, that will cause distress to the fibers. 

To dry you have two options. You can hang the garments dry instead of tumble drying. This is the option I recommend.  Not only does this save energy, but gravity will help keep those wrinkles out, which will reduce the need for ironing – for free! 
Alternatively you can put it in the dryer. Again I recommend keeping it in the delicate bag. The item will not be fully dry after the first run. You can then take it out of the bag and dry it for a short period of time in the dryer, by itself, or let it  finish by hanging dry. 

Tencel fabric dries relatively wrinkle-free, but if you want to spruce it up with an iron, use a warm or "synthetic" heat setting and turn off the steam. A safe option is to hang the item in a warm, moist area, such as a shower.

If there are minor wrinkles you want to release simply spritz with some water and iron.

Make sure items are clean and dry when stored in a cool, well-ventilated location. Don't store items in plastic bags. Items can be hung over a rounded hanger, folded, or rolled and placed with clothing.
​If there is a snag - gently pull the weaving across the width  and length of the piece. This will generally help that yarn fall back in place.  Feel free to reach out and I will help 
you however I can.