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Sydney Sogol

Hand Painted Warp: Tencel 5/2- Takahae

Hand Painted Warp: Tencel 5/2- Takahae

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Colorway inspired by: Takahae a bird native to New Zealand

5/2- 2 ply tencel yarn, 2,100 yards per lb. 
Imported from Canada
Warps are dyed to order so allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. 
5 ties on the warp: A single thread cross, a raddle cross marking every 20 ends, both ends tied, and one choke tie behind cross. 

 The warp length listed above is the approximate length after shrinkage from the dyeing process.

Suggested sett: 
- 20 epi for tabby
- 24  epi for an even twill
- 24 epi w/ 10/2 weft makes a cloth with nice drape and feel
-24+ epi for warp faced  twill 
I use an eco-friendly hand-painted process to create colors inspired by bird species from around the world. Each warp has a unique personality and color. Can be used alone, with other hand dyed warps,  solids, or whatever you dream up! Hand painted in Durham NC.   

Yarn is dyed to order so please order as much as you need for your project.  Due to the nature of hand dyeing there may be some variation from warp to warp.  I color correct photos to be an accurate representation of the yarn color, but as monitors are different the color might be slightly different. 

Yarn has been rinsed until running clear in both cold and hot water.  Upon your first wash there may be some loose dye, so I recommend a cold rinse. You can use color catchers if you are worried about potential bleeding. 

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Customer Reviews

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Anthony Locane
Beautifully Hand Painted Warp & Skeins

So looking forward to beaming this beautifully painted tercel onto my loom. The colors are consistent over both warps. And the hand painted skeins in another colorway are amazing. Everything was exactly as advertised and shipping was quick considering all that went into these yarns. Highly recommend Sydney Sogol’s yarns.