The Path of the Capelets Dream pt 4- Size inclusivity

The Path of the Capelets Dream pt 4- Size inclusivity

Let's talk about inclusive sizing.  I wanted my first true wearable garment to be accessible to a variety of body types!  Everyone deserves to be able to wear a work of art. This is why I offer the Capelet in two sizes, in its inaugural launch. The first for people who wear sizes S-L and  the second for sizes L-XL ( around US size 16-18).
I also offer custom sizing for 2-3XL ( US 20-24).

I plan on expanding this once  they take off and you are begging me for me, that would be a dream come true!

 What makes the sizes different? The distance between the arm holes and the length of the arm holes.  I plan to offer extended sizing as I gain experience in designing items for the body. 

If you want a Capelet and think you need custom sizing,  reach out so we can work magic together! I will do my best to make wearing a work of art a reality for you!


As a petite person I know how hard it is to find items for shorter individuals. Do not fear, the capelet will not swallow you up!  The capelet elongates your frame!  I am 5’2” on a good day and my sister is 5’ and we look WAY taller ( I think) than that when we are decked out in the capelets. The set width of the capelet at 42” works well for the offset arm holes, allowing for the dynamic difference in wearing it long or short no matter how tall you are!

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