The Path of the Capelets Dream pt 3 Versatility

The Path of the Capelets Dream pt 3 Versatility

 How many ways can you wear the capelet?   SO MANY WAYS!

Quick change by draping one side over the shoulder

for a bold look.

A little tidbit...  the arm holes are not centered in the fabric so the Capelet can be worn in  2 different lengths !   One way to rock the capelet is to wear it "long", covering your tush, (because we all know that keeps us warmer), and the  short way gives more fabric at the top to cover up your head and wrap up in a scarf like manner!


Light & dark sides of the Silver Pheasanet

capelets being shown off in the long & short lengths

To push this even further I decided to make it reversible as well! This would mean one Capelet could be worn in at least 4 different ways and that is before styling comes into play!

You can wear it long and flowing or flip it for a short and sassy look!   You can style it by tucking it over a shoulder,  throwing on a belt, popping a jacket over it or letting it swing and flow all by itself.  It can take you from sunshine to snow with yearlong wear! 



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